Below is a small sampling of my work. You can find all of my clips for the Austin Chronicle here.


Bodies That Mattered (The Rumpus, 7-01-13)

D.I.-Why? Emily Matchar on the Allure of the New Domesticity (The Hairpin, 7-22-13)

Range War at the Dobie Ranch (Austin Chronicle, 6-21-13)

Book Review: Philipp Meyer’s The Son (Chicago Tribune, 5-31-13)

Book Review: Glenn Frankel’s The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend (Bright Lights Film Journal, 3-08-13)

Hybridized Genres: Robert Jackson Bennett’s American Elsewhere (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2-28-13)

The Writing’s Not on the Wall Yet” (cover, Austin Chronicle, 12-14-12)

Hungry for ‘The Free’: Writing workshops give juvenile offenders a voice” (CultureMap Austin, 7-20-12)

Put a (bedazzled) bird on it: Pinterest, Etsy, and the rise of the new DIY craft culture” (CultureMap Houston, 3-05-12)


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