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For Your Oedification

If you’ve missed this blog since I put it aside a year and a half ago to focus on finishing my novel, please don’t blame New Yorker book critic James Wood. He is but an innocent bystander whose name I only invoke on the off-chance that he still checks his Google alert emails. (If he does: Hello James Wood! GOOD AS GONE, my debut novel of psychological suspense, is forthcoming from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on July 26! Contact my publicist for a review copy!)

Genre is a funny thing. When I first started working on GOOD AS GONE years ago, I thought it was a Henry James novel. Then one day, I realized there were going to be dead people in it, and guns. That’s when it started transforming itself into the propulsive, suspenseful mother-daughter thriller it was always meant to be. And thank goodness, because I have more thrillers in me–a lot more. The heir of Henry James, after all, was Patricia Highsmith. And the heir of Patricia Highsmith was–a snail, probably. She was funny like that. But maybe if I work terribly hard, one of my novels will make someone feel as delightfully awful as her novels make me feel.

For now, though, a new genre demands a new look. My freshly launched author website uses appropriately electric shades of neon yellow and pink from the book cover design. I love my new look–by a strange convergence of energies, I recently purchased and wore an acid-floral ’60s frock in just those shades. But I will miss the aspirational, bone-and-parchment, upper-middle-brow fussiness of The Oeditrix.

So, I’m hanging onto dear old Oed for now, even though I’m not sure what will become of her. In the meantime, if you’d like to read more of my words, subscribe to my newsletter (go here and scroll down!) for a semi-regular dose of writing talk, book and TV reviews, lighthearted yet rigorous analysis of mainstream female-directed comedies and exploitation films from the ’70s-90s, pictures of glamorous fashions, detailed descriptions of fabulous prizes, and tales from the publishing trenches–not to mention updates on GOOD AS GONE, my 33 1/3 book on Tori Amos’s Boys for Pele, and, of course, my sanity. Don’t miss it.