File under “Do-It-Herself”

Please check out my article on DIY culture and women’s labor in CultureMap Austin and CultureMap Houston:

[. . . .] I can remember a time when I didn’t know that “antique” could be a verb, but weeks after earning my PhD I was antiquing everything in sight, barely pausing to ask myself how I had become this person.

At least I’m not alone.

[ . . . .]

If these women are anything like me, they go to Pinterest for DIY porn: heart-shaped elbow patches, vases crafted from fire extinguishers, tiny pies you bake right in the apple. They are irresistibly drawn to light-drenched photographs of knitted iPod cozies and snow globes made from jelly jars.

The women who make these crafts seem to live in a fulfilling world of vintage aprons and children’s birthday parties, rainbow-themed and miraculously unsticky, far from the grueling demands of the workplace. In this domestic paradise, everything is beautiful, everything is clean, and every detail testifies to a woman’s loving, unpaid labor. [full article here]

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2 thoughts on “File under “Do-It-Herself”

  1. ejbrammer says:

    I don’t know how much it interests you, but there is a podcast called Crafty Pod and the host, Diane, developed over time a conversation about crafts for fun v. crafts for business. The last few shows have been about how to craft for business, including pricing your items at a reasonable economic value to give the a reasonable life, and developing a market, etc. It’s one of the more business-centric craft discussions that I’ve seen and it’s often address these sorts of value topics. It made me think of you.

  2. ejbrammer says:

    I think WordPress ate my comment, but the gist of it was: you might be interested in Crafty Pod, a podcast by a woman called Diane. She’s developed a dialogue over time about crafting for fun v. business, and how to develop business and prices that are logical for the amount of work performed and lifestyle needs – the last few podcasts especially. Something you might be interested in, if you’re following on this topic in the future.

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